Discounted  flights

Due to receiving multiple requests weekly for the special price or discounts for our services – we had idea to offer highly discounted services to our valued guests. But with the great discount comes even greater responsibility! We must confess – we love what we do, but it is not the most profitable business in the planet. There a lot of expenses around and usually unexpected ones happens weekly. So with every discounted euro offered – we must save on the other end. You are welcome to choose the discount based on your preferences below:

NO insurance coverage
- 10 %

The balloons are the safest of all air travel and experiences, but still to operate one we have to carry quite expensive aviation insurance. Standard insurance amount are as follows: 145.000 EUR for each passenger and 4.000.000 (yes, four million) EUR as damage for third party. If you would like to opt-out of the insurance and in case of accident getting on your own – mostly welcome!

NO comfort
- 10 %

As the balloons are taking off and landing in random areas, usually grass fields, the safe and reliable transportation of our guests is one of they key factors to success. Our vehicles are 4-5 years old, 4 x 4, equipped with working AC, fully insured and well maintained. They are washed and cleaned after the each flight to greet you in comfort. If you would like to opt out for the pickup and drop off service – you are most welcome!

NO maintenance
- 10 %

Hot air balloons are treated like normal aircraft – registration, insurance, continuous maintenance in authorized organization, supervised by local civil aviation administration. All repairs must be carried according the manufacturer manuals and original spare parts. We follow strict commercial operation standards. Not to mention the depreciation of the equipment. But anyway – what can go wrong in 3000ft altitude – let’s opt out for that!

NO for bank fees
- 10 %

We do offer multiple and convenient options for payments, which includes bank cards, bank transfer, Paypal and others. If you prepay by card during the booking – in case of cancellation and full refund we still due fees to the card processor. Of course accepting just cash would work perfect for us and forcing you to use ATM with high fees for withdrawals will make our guests happy!

NO time commitment
- 10 %

We firmly believe in the service excellence, thus providing at least 60 minutes of flight every time. Cutting this time would help us to save lot of costs of balloon depreciation, fuel, maintenance and others. So if we will cut your flight short by 15-20 minutes – you wouldn’t mind, do you?

NO treats
- 10 %

All our services includes the small celebration event when the flight is over. Sparkling wine, water, flight diplomas and local pastries to make your experience more memorable. We are enjoying same sparkling wine with you daily – of course we care about selection and quality. But why fancy – you are welcome to bring your own!

Total booking price
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