Amazing Lithuania wherever you fly

Lithuania’s capital is one of Europe’s most exciting up-and-coming destinations, and one of few cities in the EU that allows hot air balloons to soar directly above it. Vilnius’ UNESCO-protected Old Town is drawing more and more tourists each year, who are interested in the city’s historical sites as well as its contemporary arts and food scenes.

Take a short trip from Vilnius by train or bus and you will be teleported back in time to the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Completed in the 15th century, Trakai’s Island Castle can be found in the middle of Lake Galve. The town is surrounded by national parks that allow visitors to escape the urban bustle of Vilnius and relax in a lush natural setting.

Lithuania’s second-largest city and Interwar capital is located at the confluence of the Neris and Nemunas rivers. The city’s Medieval Old Town gives visitors a glimpse into its history of the city and the Interwar architecture is considered to be among the finest examples of European Art Deco, receiving the European Heritage Label.

City of winds and sea – aligned on the Baltic sea shore Klaipėda is the country main port. Once part of the Prussian Kingdom left unique footprint in the architecture and landscape. Flyover in hot air balloon guarantees perfect city and seashore views.

Listed in Unesco heritate Curonian spit is unique and worth visiting when staying in seaside area (Klaipėda, Nida or Palanga). Flights over are rare as completely dependent on weather conditions, but sometimes we got lucky to show you this Lithuanian diamond from the air.

Lithuania’s hub of SPA treatments and relaxation, Birštonas has become the centre of attention for everyone seeking peace of mind, an escape from the bustle of urban life, and novel approached to improving their health. A wide variety of splendid hotels lure visitors to the country’s finest SPAs offering massages, saunas and beauty treatments.

Surrounded by nature, Druskininkai offers unique views from a hot air balloon. Admire astonishing clear skies and meandering loops of the Nemunas river. Extend relaxation by discovering parks, wildlife, and feel the mystery while being surrounded by pine trees.

The city is surrounded on both sides by the river Nevėžis. Residents and guests like to spend their free time near the popular lake Senvagė (billabong), which leaves the biggest impression from above. The marvelous old town, tree-lined squares, unique architecture – all this awaits you when you will look through the edge of a hot air balloon.

Lithuania’s fourth-biggest city, Šiauliai is called the city of the sun. The sun above the city shines as much as elsewhere – this name was given due to the Battle of the Sun that took place in 1236. Nowadays the city is filled with peace: lazy wandering around the Sundial Square, a respite by the shores of Lake Talkša and Lake Rėkyva, the glow of the golden boy (the archer’s sculpture) and the greenery of Salduvė mound can be admired both on the ground and above the clouds.

We are always open to planning a hot air balloon tour in a custom location, whether it’s your hometown, your most beloved spot in the country, or just a new place you would like to conquer from above. Please note, custom locations are only offered for a private groups.


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