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Take a short trip from Vilnius by train or bus and you will be teleported back in time to the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Completed in the 15th century, Trakai’s Island Castle can be found in the middle of Lake Galve. The town is surrounded by national parks that allow visitors to escape the urban bustle of Vilnius and relax in a lush natural setting. Just as important as the town’s numerous historical sites is the local Karaite cuisine, which is highlighted by Kibinai, traditional pastries stuffed with a variety of local ingredients.

We offer hot air balloon tours over Trakai for guests that want to discover Mother Nature and take in the natural landscape filled with lakes and forests. When was the last time you saw wild animals in their natural habitat? Have you ever looked down on bodies of water from a hot air balloon? We will show you the magic of our truly amazing countryside, along with the iconic medieval castle and its surroundings.

Return trips from Vilnius to Trakai tour is arranged and are included in the tour price.

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Hot Air Balloon Flight over Trakai
1 - 6 persons
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Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Trakai
VIP flight 4 - 7 persons
Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Trakai
VIP flight 8 - 12 persons

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