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Booking process and refunds

Find your perfect adventure and select number of persons or just click Book now and follow the guide.


You can select from 8 unique places or even choose your custom spot for adventure.

Flight Type

Select by number of persons or private/romantic experience.


You will see available days marked in green and after selecting date - you will have opportunity to select morning or evening experience. Please note that time is preliminary and can vary depending on weather or other factors.

Contact details

Please enter your contact details - name, email & phone number. Add comments if you would like to request special arrangements.


Select to Pay Later to pay in Cash or Credit card after the tour or Pay Now by paying with Credit Card or PayPal account.


In final step you will find overview of all information entered. Double check it and don't forget to click Submit button. If you choose Pay Now option - you will be charged now. If payment will fail - booking will be not confirmed. You can return to Payment option and choose Pay Later.

Managing bookings

After the submitting you should receive email confirmation. You can also manage your bookings in Reservation page.

During the booking process you will be able to select payment option:

  • Pay during the booking using Paypal or Credit Card. We use Stripe and PayPal as payment providers and do not store any credit card details.
  • Pay after the tour with Credit Card or Cash. We use portable credit card terminals in our retrieval vehicles. 

Cancellation by Customer

All bookings can be cancelled free of charge if committed at least one day (24 hours) before the experience. 90% refund amount will be issued if cancelled later or after the date.

Rescheduling by Customer

All bookings can be rescheduled unlimited number of times if committed at least 1 day (24 hours) before without any fees.

Cancellation by us

As the type of activity is weather dependent cancellations are inevitable and happens time to time. If the tour was cancelled we will offer you alternate date. If the date will not suit you - full refund will be issued.

Balloon flight T&C

All services listed in our webpage are provided by legal company MB Meška balione, Registration No. 304964426, VAT No. LT100012560418, registered as private equity company in Lithuania. Company maintains all required permissions from CAA (Civil Aviation Administration) to conduct commercial hot air balloon flights and aviation insurance for third-parties and passengers.

All passengers on aircraft (Hot Air Balloon) are insured for amount of 870.000 EUR (eight hundred seventy thousand euros). All personal belongings are not insured and Company are not viable for it's damage or loss.

Company maintains all required documents which allows to conduct commercial ballooning flights:

  • Certificate of Registration of Aircraft
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Airworthiness Review Certificate
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Passengers insurance
  • Aircraft Radio Station License
  • Declaration for commercial ballooning activities according (EU) 2018/395 
  • Continuous Aircraft Maintenance compliance (CAMO)
  • Pilot license
  • Pilot medical certificate
  • Pilot qualification (balloon size, commercial operations)
  • Flight operation manual

Getting ready

  • Hot Air Balloons are heavily dependent on weather conditions, therefore pick up or meeting time is adjusted 1 day before the flight.
  • Total duration of experience is around 3 hours.
  • Clothing according weather conditions - we recommend comfortable shoes and long-sleeve sweater or shirt.
  • Take a hat or scarf to cover the head if you are more sensible to the heat.
  • Temperature during the flight is almost the same as on the ground.
  • We do not recommend participating pregnant, having back or leg problems or recently having surgery.
  • All participants must be ready to stand for at least one hour (during the flight)
  • No minimal age, but we do recommend that all participants would be at least 120 cm (4 ft.) height basket height.
  • You can safely leave all unnecessary belongings in the retrieval vehicle following the balloon.


  • It takes around 20 minutes to prepare equipment for the flight.
  • Pilot or crew will inform you about all safety rules during the briefing.
  • If you would like to participate and help inflating balloon - please inform about it pilot or crew.
  • More than 200 liters of gas (LPG) are inside basket - smoking are strictly prohibited (keep distance of 50 meters).
  • Keep safe distance from the inflators.
  • It is not recommended to consume alcohol before the experience. Persons under alcohol or drugs influence will be refused to fly.
  • Do not stand between the basket and retrieval vehicle.
  • No turbulence or vertigo as hot air balloon is flowing with the speed of wind.
  • Fix your belongings during the landing to not harm you or other passengers.
  • Do not leave the basket without pilot command.
  • Ground crew will follow the balloon in retrieval vehicle.
  • If you would like following persons (family or friends) in retrieval vehicle - please inform us before the flight. It can be arranged on seats available.

Gift voucher T&C

  1. Services listed on Gift Coupon are provided by legal company MB Meška balione, Registration No. 304964426, VAT No. LT100012560418, registered as private equity company in Lithuania, thereinafter listed as Company.
  2. Company sells gift vouchers for hot air balloon services on the webpage www.balloon.lt, where any person or company, hereinafter as Customer, can purchase any gift voucher for service listed.
  3. Payment for the gift voucher can be done using Paysera, PayPal or Credit Card payment. Cash payments for the gift vouchers are not accepted.
  4. VAT sales invoice will be provided after the sale on Customer request.
  5. Gift voucher includes experience information for number of passengers, location, unique number and expiration date.
  6. During the purchase Customer can select form of the gift voucher - electronic PDF document delivered by email or fine printed and delivered using post or parcel service. 
  7. Expiration date can be extended by individual agreement between Company and Customer.
  8. Gift vouchers are not refundable.
  9. During the purchase of gift voucher Customer agrees with these terms and conditions by accepting form in payment window.
  10. Gift voucher can be transferred to any other person with clear information about these terms and conditions.
  1. During the purchase of gift voucher Customer can select between electronic PDF version and fine printed and delivered to physical address (post or parcel).
  2. All shipment options are free of charge.
  3. Electronic PDF document is sent to provided email instantly after completing order on website.
  4. Fine printed, packed and ready-to-gift coupon is delivered by selecting shipping agent in order window. It can be delivered by registered post, parcel service or courier depending on country.
  1. Owner of the gift voucher is granted to receive services listed within expiration date of the voucher.
  2. Gift voucher can be used only once and may not be split into multiple experiences.
  3. Owner of the gift voucher should inform Company about intent to use the services with preferred date and providing voucher number. It can be done using Booking form on the website or reaching Company by any contacts provided. When using booking form coupon number must be entered in Comment section.
  4. Service is not granted to be provided on the preferred date due weather conditions or existing bookings. The final confirmation for the date is  confirmed 1 day before the experience.
  5. After confirmation of the date Company informs Owner about pick up or meeting point and time.
  6. Arranged pick up or meeting time is extremely important to follow flight safety measures (meteo, CTR arrangements), therefore being late more than 20 minutes can be reason for cancelling the experience. In this case gift voucher is treated as used and no compensation is provided.
  7. Company does not require to have printed gift voucher to be presented if voucher number is provided during the booking.
  1. Gift vouchers are not refundable
  2. Service on gift voucher can be changed to any current service provided by Company (listed on this website) if the value of the service is equal or lower the actual gift voucher amount or paying price difference.

Privacy policy

All information published on this website belongs to the MB Meška Balione, Registration No. 304964426, VAT No. LT100012560418, hereinafter named as Company. Company commit to maintain your privacy while browsing our site. In this policy we do our best to inform you about personal data collection and maintenance.  While continuing to browse the site you confirm that you have read and agree with this policy. Terms are valid in any location or device used.

Mažoji bendrija Meška Balione

Registration No. 304964426

VAT No. LT100012560418

Registration address: Smėlio g. 15-14, Vilnius , Lithuania

Phone: +370 652 00004

Email: info@balloon.lt

To assure service level and integrity we do collect your personal data needed to provide the experience.

Flight booking

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Passengers weight

Purchase of gift voucher

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Phone number
  4. Email
  5. Address (if it is required for shipping)


  1. Name
  2. Email address

If you contact us by any communication channel - Email, Phone, WhatsApp or Facebook - we may save the communication details with contacts and replies.

We do collect data how website is used - more information is in Cookies section.

  • Provide qualified services for hot air balloon experiences and reach you by provided contacts to update about booking or request more information
  • Passengers weights are required to calculate Maximum Take Off Weight for the flight
  • Process payment orders for booking or gift voucher purchase
  • Shipping gift vouchers to address provided
  • Direct email marketing to update you about promotions, new services or assessing service quality if you opt-in specifically for it.

We share your personal data with third-parties in limited manner to provide the services:

  • Payment providers (Paysera, PayPal, Stripe) for the payment processing (booking or gift vouchers)
  • First name, last name and address for shipping gift vouchers (Postal Service, DPD)

We never share your personal data with non-related third-parties.

We use market standard security measures for protecting your data from loss or unauthorized access. Website is protected by SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt) which encrypts data transferred between client device and our server.

Although we use best practices to control and protect your personal data, in certain cases absolute security is impossible - for example if client is using unsecured WiFi access, therefore by submitting any data you accept all related risk.


Your personal data is retained for 12 months after delivering the service. All related financial data, for example card operations and  sales invoices are stored according Lithuanian Tax laws. After the retain period data is deleted permanently without possibility to restore.

Every person who's data is stored in Company, has the right:

  • Be informed about data retention policy
  • Get stored information copies and statements
  • Request to delete stored personal data permanently
  • Right to request stop usage of personal data in case of direct marketing

Company has right to not follow policies listed above, except removing data from direct marketing, when it must be retained by request of law enforcement for crime analysis or ethical infringement.

All request related to personal data should be addressed to Company using email info@balloon.lt

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