Balloon flights in Druskininkai

Hot Air Ballooning


Hot Air Balloon Flights Druskininkai

If you ask a locals where to find the best place to enjoy the pleasures of SPA, most of them will recommend Druskininkai. We agree with that, but health and wellness is not the only reason why it is worth visiting this city.

Surrounded by nature, Druskininkai offers unique views from a hot air balloon. Admire astonishing clear skies and meandering loops of the Nemunas river. Extend relaxation by discovering parks, wildlife, and feel the mystery while being surrounded by pine trees.

Discover your adventure

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Druskininkai
1 - 6 persons
Family Hot Air Balloon Flight Druskininkai
Your family adventure!
Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Druskininkai
VIP flight 4 - 7 persons
Private Hot Air Balloon Ride Druskininkai
VIP flight 8 - 12 persons

Remarkable views

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