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Lithuania’s capital is the must-visit spot. Heart of historical sights and baroque old town it is getting more popular among tourists each year. Besides drawing attention to ancient scene, city is also very modern and compact. Narrow old town streets capture and navigate you across cozy shops, cafes, alluring museums, riverside and hipster-made Uzupis quartier. Modest from outside but contrasting from discovering each hidden gem inside. We recommend climbing the hill of Three crosses and take few camera shots. For the seekers of higher altitudes – we offer hot air balloon rides over Vilnius.
Hot air ballooning in Vilnius is officially supported and promoted by Vilnius tourism information center and municipality. In years it is getting more popular with local people and visiting city guests. Although each year it is getting more complicated to arrange flights in the capital due growing airport activity – each flight opportunity in Vilnius is unique and breathtaking.
Hot air ballooning in Vilnius
Just little over half an hour trip from Vilnius by train or bus you will be teleported in ages. Island castle build in 15th century is in the middle of Galve lake. City is surrounded by national parks letting visitors to stroll in the center of deep forest or damp where anyone can rest from busy city action. Do not forget to taste local Karaite cuisine which can be found only here.
We do offer hot air ballooning tours in Trakai for guests which want to discover mother nature, enjoy greenish views with lakes and forests. When was the last opportunity to see wild animals in their natural habitat? Have you ever touchdown the water from hot air balloon? We will show you the magic of our truly amazing countryside along with medieval castle and surroundings.
Pick up and drop off for Trakai tour can be from Vilnius (included in tour price).
Hot air ballooning in Trakai
Second largest city in Lithuania embedded between two main rivers. Medieval old town is allowing to take quick peek to history on the city, climb fortress build by Russian Empire and be inspired by tough challenges city had overcome. In 19th century it was temporary serving as capital of country concentrating liberation forces of Vilnius. Visit church of Crist Resurrection for higher view of city and Pažaislis monestery for gap of fresh air. Ninth Fort is mandatory to visit for everyone which relates to the wounds of war.
Usually we start hot air balloon tours in Kaunas from the confluence of Neris and Nemunas which are in center of the town. Fly above old town and parks, city landscapes and famous spots.
Hot air ballooning in Kaunas
The kingdom of SPA treatments and relaxation. In several past years Birštonas has become center of attention for everyone who is seeking peace of mind, are tired from large city noise and are concentrated on improving their health. Variety of splendid hotels will lure you in finest SPA‘s with massages, saunas and beauty treatments.
When you will be ready for new adventures after relaxing – we will offer you hot air ballooning tours around with Nemunas river loop overview, peaceful and quiet surroundings.
Hot air ballooning in Birštonas
In total we have only 99km. of sea side in Lithuania. Klaipėda is main port and third-largest city situated in west of country. Formerly known as Memel, city was a part of Prussian Kingdom which footprint is obviously seen in Old town facades. Slide the street of stones, try locally crafted beer and of course – take a 10 minutes trip by ferry to the Curonian split. Unique and no-where-to-be-found landscape will blow mind and clear all thoughts.
Due sea side effect – planning of the balloon tours in Klaipėda is challenging. But if you are lucky and have good relations with God of Winds – the experience of flight and bird-view will be astonishing. When the wind direction is towards the sea – we move our flights to Gargždai – small city nearby.
Hot air ballooning in Klaipėda
Custom location
You can always pickup up your custom location for hot air balloon tour – either it is your home city, beloved spot or just place you would like to conquer from above. Please note that we offer such activity only with private flights for group of people (min. persons is 4).
Hot air ballooning in Lithuania
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