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Lithuania’s capital is one of Europe’s most exciting up-and-coming destinations, and one of few cities in the EU that allows hot air balloons to soar directly above it. Vilnius’ UNESCO-protected Old Town is drawing more and more tourists each year, who are interested in the city’s historical sites as well as its contemporary arts and food scenes.
Modern and compact, Vilnius offers a little bit of everything, including picturesque cobblestone streets, cosy shops and cafes, a wide variety of museums, and little gems like the hip and quirky independent republic of Užupis. There are also a few hills in and around the Old Town, which provide exceptional panoramic views of the city. However, for those looking for even more impressive views, we offer hot air balloon rides directly over the city.
The Municipality of Vilnius, together with the city’s agency dedicated to tourism and business development, support and promote hot air ballooning in Lithuania’s capital. It’s an activity that’s gaining more popularity with locals and guests to the city, who are constantly looking for authentic experiences and new perspectives. Without a doubt, every balloon ride in Vilnius is unique and breath-taking.
Hot air ballooning in Vilnius
Take a short trip from Vilnius by train or bus and you will be teleported back in time to the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Completed in the 15th century, Trakai’s Island Castle can be found in the middle of Lake Galve. The town is surrounded by national parks that allow visitors to escape the urban bustle of Vilnius and relax in a lush natural setting. Just as important as the town’s numerous historical sites is the local Karaite cuisine, which is highlighted by Kibinai, traditional pastries stuffed with a variety of local ingredients.
We offer hot air balloon tours over Trakai for guests that want to discover Mother Nature and take in the natural landscape filled with lakes and forests. When was the last time you saw wild animals in their natural habitat? Have you ever looked down on bodies of water from a hot air balloon? We will show you the magic of our truly amazing countryside, along with the iconic medieval castle and its surroundings.
Return trips from Vilnius to Trakai tour can be arranged and are included in the tour price.
Hot air ballooning in Trakai
Lithuania’s second-largest city and Interwar capital is located at the confluence of the Neris and Nemunas rivers. The city’s Medieval Old Town gives visitors a glimpse into its history of the city and the Interwar architecture is considered to be among the finest examples of European Art Deco, receiving the European Heritage Label. A visit to the Christ’s Resurrection Church offers exceptional views of the city and the Pažaislis Monastery is regarded as Lithuania’s finest example of Italian Baroque architecture. Moreover, a visit to the Ninth Fort will give guests some insight to the atrocities faced by Lithuanians by Soviet and Nazi occupiers.
We usually start our hot air balloon tours in Kaunas from the confluence of the Neris and Nemunas rivers right in the centre of town. This tour allows you t fly above the Old Town, natural and urban landscapes, as well as some famous historical spots.
Hot air ballooning in Kaunas
Lithuania’s hub of SPA treatments and relaxation, Birštonas has become the centre of attention for everyone seeking peace of mind, an escape from the bustle of urban life, and novel approached to improving their health. A wide variety of splendid hotels lure visitors to the country’s finest SPAs offering massages, saunas and beauty treatments. Once you’re ready for new adventures after relaxing, we’ll be ready to offer you hot air ballooning tours above the iconic loops of the Nemunas River, as well as the peaceful and quiet surroundings of its national park.
Hot air ballooning in Birštonas
Lithuania is home to 99 km of coast along the Baltic Sea, and Klaipėda, the country’s third-largest city, serves as its main port. Formerly known as Memel, the city was once part of the Prussian Kingdom, whose footprint is obviously seen in the facades of the Old Town. Strolling through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, trying local craft beer, and of course, taking the 10-minute ferry ride to the Curonian Spit are all musts when visiting. Made up of incredible dunes and forests, there’s nothing quite like the landscapes of the Curonian Spit, and visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site will blow mind and clear your thoughts.
Because of its coastal location, planning hot air balloon tours in Klaipėda is challenging. But if yore lucky and have a good relationship with the God of Winds, you might just be rewarded with a bird’s-eye-view of these astonishing landscapes. When the wind blows towards the sea, we move our flights to Gargždai, a small town nearby.
Hot air ballooning in Klaipėda
Custom location
We are always open to planning a hot air balloon tour in a custom location, whether it’s your hometown, your most beloved spot in the country, or just a new place you would like to conquer from above. Please note, custom locations are only offered for a private group of individuals (at least 4 people).
Hot air ballooning in Lithuania
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